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LUTULE is awell-known brand of baby car seats in China. And it dominates the No.1 salesvolume on line of baby car seats between 2013 and 2014 with over ONE millionusers in China. CCTV-1 reported LUTULE as qualified brand of baby car seats duringnational and international brands quality inspection and examination program in2013. And CCTV-10 chose LUTULE brand baby car seats to guide the public why andhow to use baby car seats and the importance of using baby car seat whilechildren in the car. We follow the strict requirements of the automotiveindustry which comply with the international technical standard ISO/TS 16949.

We have one 25,000-square metermanufacturing center and logistics center in Ningbo, and one 10,000-squaremeter R & D, manufacturing center, laboratory and test center in Qingpu,Shanghai. And our headquarter locates in Minhang, Shanghai.

We are committedto qualitative excellence, creating fresh, innovative products and technologiesdesigned to improve children’s travel safety and comfort, ensuring it maintainsits leading position as a top-quality brand and as a trendsetter in design andtechnology, which has always been at the heart of LUTULE’s corporatephilosophy.


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